Shakespeare “Julius Caesar” in the Park, produced by New York Public Theater, financed by Time Warner Corporation

—Threatening the President of the United States: A Crime against the People of the United States—

“Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes defended his company’s financial support of the New York Public Theater’s production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” which portrays Caesar as a Donald Trump-like character.” The Drudge Report, June 15, 2017…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
Amendment I, US Constitution of the United States…

To portray Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” as the assassinated Donald Trump-like character in the New York Public Theater’s production, in any venue (public or private), should be considered an open incitement to assassinate the president of the United States, a felony (political crime); an indefensible act contrary to the spirit and intent of our Constitutional rights. In any civil society such a grotesque production, veiled as art, cannot be condoned as a lawful intent to elevate our national discourse. And any public or private entity, or individuals, endorsing or financially sponsoring such violence against our societal order should not enjoy the support of the US Government and the American people. The Board of Directors, and Stockholders, of the Time Warner Corporation should take immediate steps to replace Jeff Bewkes as its Chief Executive Officer; as well as make the necessary corporate policy changes to prohibit the endorsement and/or financing of violent and vulgar public expressions disguised as art. Furthermore, until the Time Warner Corporation has shown that it has taken the aforementioned steps, the US Congress should freeze all Time Warner current government solicitations, suspend services and payments of Time Warner contracts under performance, and postpone all government contracts to be awarded to the Time Warner Corporation.

Also, the US Government should immediately suspend all grants to be awarded to the New York Public Theater; and seek the reimbursement of grants already awarded for the current government fiscal year.

I must reiterate, the New York Public Theater production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” portraying Julius Caesar as an assassinated Donald Trump-like character, is a veiled incitement to assassinate the current president of the United States; that by defending the financing of said production, Jeff Bewkes, CEO of the Time Warner Corporation not only has acted irresponsibly but has also put in jeopardy the life of our duly elected President Donald J. Trump, and therefore has committed a class E felony under US Code Title 18, Section 871.

There have been public figures (such as the Rapper Snoop Dog, Madonna and Robert De Niro) who have incited violence against President Trump that have not been prosecuted under the law. This must no longer be tolerated in these United States. No one should be above the law.

It is therefore time to apply the full force of the law against those who incite violence against the president of the United States, or any other political figure, or any private citizen because of his, or her, party affiliation. Those intent on subverting our laws and societal order must be punished to the full extent of the law. Threatening the President of the United States is a felony. This also includes presidential candidates and former presidents. Moreover, immigrants who commit this crime are also punishable.

“The statute prohibiting threats against the President was enacted by Congress in 1917. The maximum fine allowed then was $1,000; the law was amended in 1994 to increase the fine up to $250,000. The offense is also punishable by up to 5 years in prison, and 3 years of supervised release.”

“Among the justifications that have been given for the statute include arguments that threats against the President have a tendency to stimulate opposition to national policies, however wise, even in the most critical times; to incite the hostile and evil-minded to take the President’s life; to add to the expense of the President’s safeguarding; to be an affront to all loyal and right-thinking persons; to inflame their minds, to provoke resentment, disorder, and violence, and to disrupt Presidential activity and movement; such threats are akin to treason and can be denounced as a crime against the people as the sovereign power.”

Taking into consideration the above justifications for the statute prohibiting threats against the President, we must conclude that CEO Jeff Bewkes’ (Time Warner Corporation) defense of his funding of the New York Public Theater’s current production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar” portraying Caesar as a Donald Trump-like character, is in violation of Federal law; a felony under US Code Title 18, Section 871.

Let us, the sovereign people of these United States, file a ‘class action’ lawsuit against CEO Jeff Bewkes and the Time Warner Corporation for its violation of the law. A threat against the President of the United States is an act of treason.

CJack, Lighthouse Gazette on the Gulf
June 16, 2017

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Obama’s Shadow White House


Valerie Jarrett, Barack and Michele Obama are now running a “Shadow” White House just two miles away from our Oval Office, while they have their minions nationally embedded in every branch of the federal government, particularly in the judicial branch (US District Courts and US Courts of Appeals) to challenge the new administration’s executive orders and directives to abolish Obama’s unconstitutional directives and executive orders. We better open our eyes because Obama is orchestrating an administrative coup d’état against the nascent Trump administration and the Grand Old Party.

Saul Alinsky’s star pupil is adroitly following his mentor’s rules for a communist revolution by pretending to be working within our political system. Oh yes, for eight years our first black president—a most loquacious master of deceit—duped the American people by concealing his real intentions to subvert the US Constitution and its legal processes. His initial move as president was to openly challenge the 1st and 2nd Amendments, but when he encountered fierce resistance from the American people he shifted gears to give credence to violent anti-American racist radical organizations such as Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Party by openly chastising our law enforcement institutions, officers, and officials. His demagoguery incited riots in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland hoping to set aflame every inner city in America. Having failed at this as well, he moved to federalize local police forces by directing the US Department of Justice to ‘investigate’ the ‘brutal police actions’ that set off the riots; but his real intention was to usurp municipal power and authority to institute federal policy according to his mandate. This is exactly what Lenin and his Bolsheviks did in Russia right after they assumed power. In our country ‘comrade’ Barack purged top military field commanders who dared to question his war policy for Iraq and Afghanistan; exactly what Josef Stalin did, albeit in a most violent way, in Russia during and after WWII. Fearing opposition from exceptional military commanders such as the great General Georgy Zhukov, the paranoid murderous dictator Stalin executed, regardless of rank, all military officers he perceived to be a threat to his power as Supreme Soviet leader.

The treacherous Marxist Barack Obama and his ‘comrades’ must be held accountable for the attempt to overthrow our duly elected 45th President and the government of the United States. Why is the GOP so timid about denouncing Obama’s egregious plot against the nation, we cannot understand. Can’t the Republicans see that Obama was behind the DNC charade to delay the confirmation of the new President’s entire cabinet members to politically castrate his administration? Doggone, while the vindictive anti-Trump GOP political traitors John McCain and Lindsey Graham continue to split the Republicans the morally bankrupt liberal media and the dirty Democrats are plotting to destroy the American republic, and only a few American patriots in our conservative media—Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Bill O’Reilly—have the ‘coglioni’ to denounce the treachery. So when will the rest of conservative America denounce the treacherous Barack Obama and his Jackasses? We better march on Washington before a red flag with the hammer and sickle is raised at the White House.

CJack, Lighthouse Gazette on the Gulf, March 5, 2017 ©

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The DNC; Marxist Loons!

The DNC has been reduced to a bunch of Marxist loons chasing their tails around Mrs. Brazile’s kitchen table. Nancy ‘cuckoo nuts’ Pelosi, Tim Kaine, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison et al…the late loony ‘professor’ Irwin Corey should have been nominated by the DNC to run for the White House. Oh brother, that jackass party has become such an insane asylum of raving lunatics these United States have been reduced to a doggone circus. But we have had enough of their performances, they must go the way of the Ringling, Barnum and Bailey clowns…out of business!

By the way, we should applaud President Trump for his thumbs-down to the 4th Estate’s roast; they had to shove their invitation to openly disrespect our man and the authority of his office. The liberties they did not take with their flunky Barack Obama because of his race, they felt free to take with our man Trump who reduced them to a heap of dung. Bravo!

Yet George W was on NBC, a network that crippled and ridiculed him as a dunce, throwing darts at our man Donald Trump. Shame on you W! You got us into the hell in Iraq just to zap Saddam Hussein to salvage the honor of your old man who should have taken care of this deranged man during the Gulf War. W, your ‘get-even’ military adventure, followed by Barack Obama’s stupidity, has turned the Middle East and Europe into basket cases. Such has been the destabilization in the entire Mid-East the US must now seek a military alliance with Russia to clean up the mess you and Obama created in Syria and Iraq. Of course Baghdad has ‘beaucoup’ oil reserves to rebuild Iraq, but who will foot the bill to reconstruct Syria? Certainly not the wealthy sheiks of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia who could care less about the Tehran-backed Alawites in Damascus, eh?

The big interrogative is, will the US, and the West ever learn to keep a prudent distance in the Middle East? I say let the Shiite and Sunni exhaust each other trying to settle their intractable religious differences, our only viable ally in that region is Israel, the Judeo-Christian world is anathema to Islam.

Cjack, February. 27, 2017 ©

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Warrant for the Arrest and Prosecution of George Soros for Seditious Activities against the United States of America

A warrant for the arrest and prosecution of George Soros for his seditious activities against the United States of America, should to be of high priority for the United States Government and the American people. Soros’ subversive intentions are aimed to undermine our Constitution and economic system to radically impose upon us a way of life and economic system contrary to our founding values, ideals, and aspirations.  To that end, Mr. Soros has steered the Soros Open Society Foundation to fund a network of charities and non-governmental organizations as fronts to interfere in our nation’s politics.

Soros’ insidious left-wing political activities has led to violent protests resulting in the injury and killing of law enforcement officers and civilians, as well as the destruction of private and public property in total disregard for our society’s traditional sense of law and order. Such is his impudence that he continues to irresponsibly challenge the legitimacy of our duly-elected President by inciting anarchy  against our government’s  ‘executive order’ to defund ‘sanctuary cities’ who defy federal law, and the ‘executive order’ to temporarily halt the influx of refugees from seven Muslim-majority failed states.

Mr. Soros also actively interfered in the elections for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in the State of Arizona, where he opposed the reelection of the Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a noted opponent of Soros’ illegal-immigration/open-border agenda.   

It is also well known that George Soros has been involved in the orchestration of the”refugee crisis” that continues to assail Germany, France, Belgium and other countries in Europe. In fact, in addition to supporting socialist revolutions and promoting his one-world government agenda around the world, in the US his political influence and funds support radical movements such as the War on Police, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Planned Parenthood, the American Feminist Movement, and more. In light of all of this, can anyone in his right mind still question why George Soros is not wanted in the UK, Europe, Russia, and Asia? So why are we not eager to get rid of this malevolent naturalized anti-American, anti-Semitic Gestapo collaborator from our soil? Really, it’s time for George Soros the evil puppeteer responsible for the violent anti-government demonstrations currently assailing our land (disturbances co-conspired by his traitorous disciples Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) to leave the US. Let us not permit him, or anyone, to ever overthrow the government of the United States and its economic system. We govern by the rule of Constitutional laws, not by the will of the anarchists. 

And by the way, let us remind the world that foreigners do not have the right to come to the United States of America. We only grant that privilege to those in compliance with our government’s legal requirements to enter our land. Our government reserves the right to deny, cancel and/or revoke the privilege to visit, or permanently reside in the US as a legal immigrant or naturalized American. 

Thus, with irrefutable evidence of the subversive activities conducted by George Soros and “The Soros Open Society Foundation” against the US Constitution, the Government of the United States, and the American people, it is time for our government to strip George Soros of his ‘naturalized’ American citizenship and to deport him back to his native Hungary.




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What is the global 85-year-old, anti-American political activist, central-planner financier, George Soros Up To In America?

The ‘fake’ number of the popular vote by which Hillary Clinton is said to have won the November 8th Elections, notwithstanding president-elect Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory, keeps increasing as reported by the left wing and broadcasted by our liberal media. A lunacy surely orchestrated, funded, and 24-7 instigated by the nefarious George Soros; an anti-American madman who for over 60 years has incited misguided malcontents inspired by  pseudo-intellectual academicians bent on overruling  the validity and legal integrity of our Constitutional Electoral College.

This bastard of a man, as I write, is under fire in a number of Eastern European countries for criminally interfering in their internal political affairs. In Hungary, for example, the ruling party–the Hungarian Civic Alliance (Fidesz)–announced last week that it intends to audit all foreign organizations, including Soros’ network of charities and foundations (non-governmental organizations (NGOs). His ‘Open Society Foundation’ has supported more than 60 Hungarian non-governmental organizations. Later this year, Hungary’s Parliament will debate a ‘bill’ to let authorities audit all foreign non-governmental organizations. Having to erect a wall to stem the flood of refugees from Muslim and North- African countries instigated by Soros’ “open society” globalism, the Hungarian people are demanding the right to know who influences their politics from abroad. In Poland the government is also concerned about Soros’ activities and the lack of transparency of the NGOs operating in their country.

In Slovakia and Macedonia, Soros’ open society is not welcome, and in the Ukraine his shenanigans led to a government crisis that allowed Moscow an excuse to annex the Crimean Peninsula.  And where was our community-organizing, fake Nobel-laureate? Smoking cigars and playing golf in Martha’s Vineyard while Vladimir the wolf was devouring the sheep. Oh well, our ‘tactical genius’ was simply leading from behind.

There is enough evidence that George Soros, a Hungarian-born naturalized American citizen, has been actively involved in the orchestration of a socialist revolution in South Africa, the current Muslim refugee crisis,  population control in the developing world, abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual marriage. And her in America, Soros and his ‘progressives’ have orchestrated the ‘war on police’ in America, and Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street movements. Moreover, his open society foundation supports undocumented voting and provides funding for the ‘new’ Black Panther Party, Planned Parenthood, Citizens for a Democratic Society, the US Feminists Movement, La Raza, and other left wing organizations. In fact, since the 1950s, Soros has ardently supported the Democratic Party and its left wing agenda, significantly contributing to the Bill and Hillary Clinton political campaigns all the way back to Arkansas, and Barack Obama’s election to the Illinois’ State Senate, the US Senate, and the White House.  This past Saturday his open society hooligans were trampling our nation’s capital protesting President Trump’s temporary immigration ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. Of course, leading from behind were his ‘flunky’ Democrats in Capitol Hill. Leading the charge were Senators Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) and Charles Schumer (D-NY), and  from the shadows our treasonous ex-president Barack Obama—all saying that Mr. Trump ”has established a target of refugees.”

Let us make one thing very clear: foreigners do not have a “right” to enter the United States. The US is a sovereign and independent nation governed by the American Constitution; a nation of laws and order where visitors and immigrants must comply with its legal requirements to enter its states and territories.  Entry into the United States, as a tourist, student, visitor, refugee, or political exile, is a privilege our nation extends not under obligatory mandate by a supranational governmental bureaucracy, or foreign power.

It is time for our government to conduct an extensive and effective investigation of George Soros’ involvement and corruption of the Democratic Party. The Democrat vote for Hillary Clinton in California and New York alone should make us question the extent of George Soros’ influence in every state with a large number of illegal immigrants. We just cannot permit George Soros and the Democrat Party to take us back to the unruly days of Southern Democrat party that defeated Lincoln’s “Reconstruction Act” to enact new segregationist laws based on race and/or color. In fact, if we care to closely examine the history of the Democrat party, we could say the heirs of that generation of astute and vicious Southern Democrats are the ones responsible for the killing fields in our dysfunctional inner cities.  Those sly Democrats have moved the old cotton plantations to LBJ’s “great society”  welfare plantations in the big cities. For the Jackass party it has always been about the vote of the marginalized, that’s all. The heck with the dreams and aspirations of the poor yearning to be truly independent, safe and self-secure.

There is no doubt, the demented George Soros wants to drag the free and sovereign American Republic into  a new collective of nations without borders, diversity of languages and cultures.  To that end, this ‘Hitlerite’ has already invested in excess of $1.6 billion over 30 years to gain political influence in Eastern Europe to reshape the old continent to his liking. But the big prize for that old devil is America, the land governed in accordance to a body of laws and legal processes based on the Judeo-Christian ethos of its founders.  So let be diligent in the pursuit of a thorough investigation of ‘The Soros Open Society Foundation’ (OSF) and of its related/funded ‘non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) to determine how, and to what extent, George Soros has influenced, undermined, and subverted the US Constitution and its electoral laws and legal processes.  It must be our most sacred intent to remain a free and sovereign people as so decreed in our founding documents redacted not by the King of England but by our courageous Founders.

CJack, Lifeguard Gazette by the Gulf, January 30, 2017 ©

Note 1: The ‘Executive Order’ by President Donald Trump to temporarily restrict immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries should our first step to enhance the safety and security of our country, and he should be applauded for it.

Note 2: The irresponsible comments by ex-president Obama (George Soros’ Manchurian Candidate) against our President’s ‘executive order’ to restrict immigration from the aforementioned seven Muslim-majority countries, disrespect our nation’s President, the office of the presidency, and puts in jeopardy the stability, safety, and security of our country.  Mr. Obama’s incendiary comments should not only be denounced by the members of our 4th Estate, but also legally addressed by the US government. Such comments are an attack against the United States, its Constitution, and its social order.  Barack Obama is a committed anti-American anarchist intent on subverting the laws and order of the land.  His comments should be construed as an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States. He must be indicted.

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